The pandemic has been transformational for people avoiding tourist traps, mass destinations and jam-packed itineraries. With #traveldeeper gaining traction, travellers are digging beyond mechanical, escapist, and forgettable journeys akin to motion blurs. Siddharth Yadav, Vice President, MRS Group of Hotels, behind properties such as Suryagarh, Narendra Bhawan and Mary Budden Estate, believes that people are seeking a unique travel experience.

“People are willing to take on immersive journeys and connect to local culture. They are on a quest to undertake activities that provide them with serenity and seek more inclusions in terms of wellness experiences to unwind and relax as they break free from their mundane daily routine.”

By weaving in cultural experiences of the regions as well as creating signature culinary experiences, MRS Group of Hotels offer a slice of local life to guests.

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