From homestays offering bird’s-eye views of the Himalayan peaks to age-old British cottages nestled amidst wildlife sanctuaries, these secluded properties enable guests to be one with nature.

Mary Budden Estate, Binsar

Situated inside the Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary, the Mary Budden Estate is renowned for its unique location, impeccable hospitality, and delectable Himalayan cuisine. This five-acre mountain retreat is home to three luxury cottages and lodges. Featuring timber ceilings, the property’s well-appointed interiors are a modern interpretation of a colonial cottage. While we love Mary Budden Estate’s cozy inside, the outside is what is truly remarkable. The boutique hotel organizes customized meals in the forest and its well-landscaped gardens. Furthermore, they also have a local naturalist and guide who takes guests on hikes and bird-watching trails.

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